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Super Bowl Flowers? { Twin Cities Flower Delivery }

Being in our line of work, we do a lot of ‘looking’. We look at Pinterest and florist blogs; we look at Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, Fusion Flowers, Wedding Magazines and numerous other floral design and arrangement publications, and, we find inspiration. Every now and then though, we come across something that makes us scratch our heads a bit. The idea of Super Bowl flowers was one of those things. (We don’t know about you…but, we think of the Superbowl as food, drinks, snacks and commercials…NOT as flowers.) HOWEVER, as we flipped through some of the ideas out there…we got to thinking, why not? We mean, you probably don’t need MUCH in the way of flowers–but, if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, putting together a fun, floral, decoration to compliment your table of edibles seems like an interesting idea. Plus, after the game–you’re left with some adorable flowers that can be, easily, re-purposed into something less ‘footbally’ if you’re over it. 🙂 We also thought that these could be an incredible hostess gift if you’re going to someone else’s home to watch the big game.

Check out Better Homes and Gardens centerpiece idea. These seem easy enough, and are little enough to be used as decorations–instead of being overwhelming and demanding all of their own space. We have SO many individual flowers here, at Main Floral–you can simply walk in and choose what you need, piece, by piece. Again, these would also serve as a super fun, hostess gift!

Another place to grab a few ideas from is Pinterest. We also found a board dedicated to Super Bowl flower ideas. There aren’t a ton–but, there’s just enough to get us thinking!

Stop in today, or tomorrow, to pick up all of the flowers you need to create your own designs!

As always, give us a call, or send us an email if you have questions, or are looking for something more specific. We’re always happy to help!

Twin Cities Floral Delivery


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