Saving Your Valentine’s Flowers { Anoka Delivery }

You all should see the back of the shop right now–it looks like a huge, flower bomb went off and scattered a gorgeous, colorful, mess everywhere! To get from point A to point B, you, literally, have to walk on top of discarded greens. Gotta love Valentine’s Day in a floral shop! We have Friday deliveries lined up, out the door, waiting to go out first thing today and we have hundreds of orders, already, for Saturday. If you’re planning to drop in ON V-Day, just to quick pick something up at the last minute, we recommend giving us a call ahead of time and still, allowing yourself a bit of extra time on Saturday when you do stop in. (Think about it…you have a day that is hugely popular for men to give flowers on. There’s definitely a little procrastination that happens. 😉 ) We’ll happily deliver if you want us to–just call us, or visit our website, today (Friday) to place your order. Don’t forget, we also have a candy shop right next door so, you’re completely covered for gifts! (Oh! And there is, a jewelry store right across the street. You could park, get out of your car, and walk less than a block to obtain EVERYTHING you need for Valentine’s Day. All while supporting small, local, businesses!)

Since Valentine’s Day is SUCH a huge day for flowers, we thought this would be a great time to link up to a blog we posted quite awhile ago about some of the best ways to dry/preserve flowers. (You know…in case you’re not ready to get rid of your V-Day flowers when it’s time for them to go. 🙂 )

Here’s a link to that:…

Then, this past fall, we posted another blog that was loaded with fun, crafty, ideas to do with your dried/preserved flowers.…

We recommend checking them both out if you’re thinking about holding onto your V-Day flowers for as long as possible. Next week, we’ll post a new blog, full of our freshest, funnest, ideas for saving your flowers.  Until then, happy Valentine’s Day.  Do something you love!

Oh yeah!  Check out the quick slideshow we put together of one of our designers creating a GORGEOUS dozen rose arrangement:

Twin Cities Floral Delivery

You know we do almost EVERYTHING by hand, right!?

Local Florist in Minnesota


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