Firefly Jewelry in Anoka { Flower Delivery In Twin Cities }

Obviously, the majority of our business comes in the form of flower delivery. Pretty much our entire lives are filled with flowers, and floral design! However, we also have a wonderful storefront, located right on Main Street, in downtown Anoka. (That’s less than a half an hour drive from Minneapolis; and, just a little more than that if you’re coming from Saint Paul. Plus, with all the other shopping and dining here, on Main Street, it’s worth a trip from anywhere in the state!) Our shop is filled with everything you need for home decorating, gift-giving, re-decorating, and finding new inspiration. From house plants, to garden decor, to greeting cards and knick-knacks, we have so many fun finds! Our latest, greatest, find though? Well, it’s one of our favorites, and we are THRILLED to be able to share it with you–it’s the gorgeous, Firefly, jewelry which is handmade by workers at a small company, based in Guatemala. We absolutely adore the way they use Swarovski Crystals in bright, vibrant, colors and how then compliment it with antiqued brass and silver chains.  It’s a gorgeous blend of romantic and contemporary. We’ve been wearing the jewelry for quite some time now–and, like we said, are thrilled to finally be able to bring it to you!

The company is run by four men, and employs 80, indigenous, workers in Guatemala. They work hard to bring employment, training, skills and fair wages to the people who work here. Here’s the write up from their website about who they are:

Firefly jewelry is designed by Juan Carlos Chavajay Vasquez, in conjunction with Edward Rudnicki, the owner of Firefly, and with help from Juan Carlos’s design assistants. Juan Carlos is the Director of the Southwestern Reps for Firefly. He is also the Director of New Resources; being on the lookout for new materials and techniques to integrate into the Firefly line.

Our Director of Operations in Guatemala is Eduardo Chavajay, who is responsible for overseeing the management of all Firefly artisans, administrative employees and supervisors in Guatemala. Eduardo Chavajay also controls the management of all Firefly jewelry production in Guatemala, and supervises inventory of materials purchased for the workshop.

Firefly provides employment and training in comfortable working conditions and fair wages to the indigenous people of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala. The workshop employs over 80 skilled artisans both men and women. The indigenous people of the village are very skilled in their traditional arts; the women weave on the back strap loom and are skilled in embroidery the men weave on foot looms and are skilled in making fishing nets. We have taken many of the traditional skills and transformed them into jewelry making skills. The workshop is spacious and filled with skylights and windows, every artisan has their own workable and light. It is built around a plant and flower filled courtyard with the ever-vigilant terriers Ricky and Rocky around to greet the workers and roam the gardens.

To learn more about the company, their jewelry, awards they have won and to see photos of much of this, visit their website here.

To purchase a piece of it, just head to Anoka, and visit us!










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