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Dried Flower Craft Ideas { Anoka Flower Delivery }

Well, as promised awhile back (http://mainfloral.net/blog/saving-your-valentines-flowers-anoka-delivery-364), we are posting another in our series of flower crafting blogs!  We love everything about fresh, floral, design, but, let’s face it–flowers aren’t so pretty after awhile.  So, what can you do with your flowers when they’re not so fresh anymore?  We’re here to give you ideas, and inspiration, to keep those flowers around for much longer than you ever thought possible!

Here’s a link to the first blog we did. This one will teach you ways to preserve, and dry, your flowers:


The second blog we did in this series is here. This one contains a few of our, at-the-time, favorite craft ideas: (They’re still favorites, by the way!)


And, that brings us to this, the third blog in our series! These are a few of our current, favorite, crafty, ideas. Have fun reading, and, as always, give us a call if you have questions or want to order some fresh flowers so you can try out some of these ideas yourself. (And, if you do–post ‘em up on our FB wall! We LOVE to see.)

DIY Letter Decor

This example is really just a series of photos, but is super easy to understand and be inspired by. (The actual website left much to be desired.) The crafter in this example used silk flowers, but dried flowers would work great too. This would be so fun to do with wedding flowers and the last initial of your last name, or, for a new baby’s nursery. The possibilities are endless.


Rose Heart Shadow Box

This is a great idea for roses, or any other flower. You could create shapes, letters, abstract designs, etc.


Rose Petal Ideas

This site is dedicated to rose petals! We’re sure that any other flat, flower petal, would work great in any of these crafts, too. We’ve made little votive holders with dried flower petals and they glow beautifully. We used a couple old salsa jars and they turned out great.


Dried Flower Pendants

Here’s a fun one that you could make for your wedding party, for gifts or even to sell. They’re really pretty pendants which require a little more work than the other ideas we’ve posted–but, we’re up for a challenge!


Flower Delivery In Twin Cities Flower Delivery In Twin Cities Flower Delivery In Twin Cities Flower Delivery In Twin Cities


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