DIY Vases for Spring { Flower Delivery Near Champlin }

We probably got too excited about this…BUT, we’ve started seeing peeks of green in our yard! (Yes. We are a floral shop and see tons of flowers, daily–but, fresh blooms, coming from the ground, always excites us!) Between the garden sprouts, and so many upcoming, flowery, spring holidays (Easter, Mother’s Day, Prom and Administrative Professional’s day) we’ve been focused on how to make our arrangements look as seasonally, GORGEOUS as possible. (Well, other than simply turning all of the flowers over to our incredibly creative designers and just letting them go to town. 🙂 ) A big chunk of making sure an arrangement fits the occasion, and season, lies within the vase we use. Lately, it’s all about the bright pinks, greens, yellows and oranges. We’re also adding cutesy ribbons, butterflies, patterns, polka dots and dragonflies. All of this is a great, and much needed, change from the deep, bold, hues that had us feeling warm, and cozy, throughout the winter. We’ve been doing lots of browsing too–always looking to come up with a new idea to spruce up a vase. In those searches, we’ve come across a few really fun, and simple, ideas that you could try at home with either your own garden flowers, or after some of the flowers, in your arrangement from us, start to wilt and you find yourself sprucing up the ‘lasting’ part of the arrangement. (If you don’t do that–give it a try next time. Flowers such as Orchids, Chrysanthemums and Roses typically last much longer than flowers such as Irises, Tulips and Calla Lilies. When some of the flowers start to wilt, pull them out and repurpose the remaining flowers; it breathes a whole, new, life into your arrangement!)

Anyway, here are a few of our favorite vase projects. Many of these are just photos…like we said, we like to keep it simple, a picture is usually sufficient in getting that creativity moving and explaining the project, as a whole.

Sparkle Vases

This one is a sparkly one! All you need to do is wrap tape around your jar, to create the straight line, paint on glue, and sprinkle with glitter. You can use recycled jars from salsa, pickles, applesauce, etc. You could also use mason jars or dollar store, flower vases.

Sparkle { Painted } Vases

To add on to the above project, you could also start the project with a layer of spray paint over the jar–like this gold.  You could also start by mixing acrylic paint, with school glue, and then painting your jar with it.  This will result in a rustic-looking, matte appearance that compliments sparkly glitter, in all the right ways.

{ Simple } Wrapped Vase

We do this one often–ribbon, lace, yarn, twine, it all can make a vase/jar look so much prettier! Take whatever you have, and/or whatever coordinates with your flowers and decorate away. This is a nice one too, because you can switch it out whenever–which is great if you really love a certain vase and don’t want anything permanent. A little bit of double sided tape, a dab of hot glue, or super glue is all you need. (Regular glue will work too–but, the dry time is a bit longer.)

Yarn Wrapped Vase

This project is perfect for any vase–but empty wine, and liquor bottles are favorites for this one. We have done this and had good luck with a dab of hot glue, at the start of the yarn wrap, to hold it in place as we do the wrapping. Twine also works great for this. Also, you don’t have to do the entire jar–sometimes, just the top of the vase, or the middle, is perfect!

RIT Dye Painted Vase

Okay, this is our last one for the day and it may be the most ‘complicated’ one we’re posting–though it’s really not too difficult looking, it just looks like it takes a bit longer than the others. We haven’t tried this one ourselves (yet), so, if you do–let us know how it goes. We’d love to see!

As always, if you have questions about anything floral related, give us a call, or send us an email–we love to help!


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