Easter Lily Care

Easter Lily Care { Flower Delivery Near Minneapolis }

Are you one of the folks out there that either bought for yourself, or received an Easter Lily this Spring? They’re just gorgeous, aren’t they? We definitely delivered many of them around the Twin Cities Area over the past week, and have seen them for sale everywhere from gas stations, to the grocery store. It’s funny, some people say they remind them of funeral flowers–we just can’t see them that way though. (Not completely, anyway. 🙂 ) We see them more as a symbol of beauty, hope, new life, and joy–plus, their smell is sweet, and fresh, like Spring! (And they make the store smell great.) If you do have one around your home, here are a few things you will want to know in order to extend their beauty.

First of all, before we say anything else, let us first say that Easter Lilies are extremely toxic to cats. So, if you have a cat at home, make SURE your plant is out of their reach. (That can be a tough one with cats–since typically they own the home. 😉 ) Easter Lilies can cause liver failure in felines–so, please, be careful.

As far as care goes, it’s pretty simple:

-Find a place for your plant that has bright, but indirect sunlight.

-Try to protect your Easter Lily from drafts and heat sources, such as fireplaces, heater vents and appliances. All of those things can dry out the soil quickly.

-Water the your Easter Lily only when the soil becomes dry to the touch, and try not to leave it dry for an extended period of time.

-If the lily’s pot is in a decorative foil wrapper, be sure water is not accumulating under the pot. More plants die from over watering than under watering. To know if it is, just pick up the entire plant and feel the bottom. If the foil feels ‘jiggly’, there is too much water in it.

-They prefer cooler temperatures in the 60 – 65 degree F. range–as it will prolong the life of the blooms. The temperature can be even cooler at night.

-Remove the yellow anthers from the flower centers. (You know, the things with all the pollen.) This helps prolong the life of the blossoms and prevents the pollen on the anthers from staining the flowers, your hands, clothing, tablecloths, rugs and anything else it falls on to. A quick pinch with your fingers, or a snip of the scissors, will do the trick nicely.

-Don’t forget to remove flowers as they fade and wither.

-If you’re hoping to keep your Easter Lily and would like to try to transplant it, move it outside, or get it to re-bloom, check outthis website for some tips as to how. The success rate can vary–as most lilies that people get this time of year are a florist plant–but, like the website says, go ahead and try it, what have you got to lose?

Give us a call if you have questions about your lily, or floral questions, in general. We love to help!

Easter Lily Care


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