Corsages and Boutonnieres { Prom Flowers Near Anoka }

Prom season is here! Around the shop, it’s like listening to techno music for the next few weeks. It just goes, and goes, and it goes FAST. We get tons of orders and create so many corsages and boutonnieres, in so many designs and colors, it’s just amazing. Did you know we make each corsage, almost completely, from hand? The only thing we order ahead of time is the keepsake, re-wearable, bracelet (because, seriously, if we had to bead ALL of those jewels onto elastic too, we’d have to hire more people, and start prepping for Prom in November 🙂 ). We make corsages for Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Andover, Champlin, Ramsey, Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, Osseo and St. Michael’s Prom. (With a few other random folks sprinkled in there from time-to-time.) We also hear a TON of corsage, and boutonniere questions around the shop this time of year. We thought we’d address a few of them here. (Because you know how it is…if one person asks the question, many others are thinking about asking. At least that’s what we were taught in school. It could just be one of those things teacher’s say…but, for the sake of this blog, we’re going with it.) Oh, and P.S., check out the photo contest we’re holding–read all the way to the bottom of this post for details!

Do I have to order in advance or can I just walk in and pick one up?

For the love of all that is holy… please order in advance. Try to give us at least 48 hours. We LOVE to help you customize colors, we like to chat with your mom and friends, we want to see photos of your dress, we adore talking accessories, shoes and makeup and we think that helping you brainstorm is fun…heck, we’ll even sit there while you Facetime with your friends when you want more opinions; however, if you come in, at the last minute, and there are others also in, at the last minute–we simply can’t help you in the way you may need. Not to mention–your corsage is going to be made by hand, from scratch, by a real person. If you come in last minute, we may not have the staff around. We do know that mistakes happen, and you might forget to order the flowers, and you might end up coming in, in your formal apparel, to plead for help–and, ya know, we probably can help–but, you may not get your first choice of flowers and colors, and it may take a bit longer than you hoped for. (And yes. This did happen. It made us laugh. 🙂 Thankfully, they were laughing too. )

How do I order my Prom flowers?

There are three ways. You can go online, pick out your favorite, order it, and stop in to pick it up before Prom. You can call us at, 763.421.7411. We will help walk you through the order and make sure you have what you need. Or, you can stop in. We have dozens of pre-made, wristlets with ribbon, made up, that you can look at, and choose from. (If there isn’t one there that you like, we can customize something further.) After you choose your wristlet, we’ll chat with you and pick out flowers and flower colors. We write it all down, pass it off to the designers, and you come back on Prom day to pick it up. We ask that you pre-pay–that way, if you can’t stop in, you can send someone else, there’s no confusion–just a quick grab and go.

Do guys or girls order?

Traditionally, girls used to buy the boutonniere and guys used to get the corsage. Nowadays, that’s just not so much the case. We see SO many girls coming in to order their own flowers–since they’re the ones who are usually more concerned with the ‘looks’ of it all. And, while they’re there…many just say they’d like to order a boutonniere to match and then go on their way. Sometimes, mom comes with, sometimes friends tag along, sometimes couples come and pick out flowers together and sometimes we take group orders. We also have plenty of single guys coming in to order the corsage and then just ask for a boutonniere to match. There’s really no wrong way to do it. Promise.

Should the corsage and boutonniere match?

They don’t NEED to–but, they sure look best when they do. If you know what you want in a corsage, but not in a bout, just tell us. We’ll do the matching for you and make it look incredible!

Can you make something custom?

We’re Main Floral; we can do anything! Have a piece of your dress you want woven into the corsage in the place of traditional ribbon? We can do it. Want a headband, necklace, flowers for your shoes, a ring, etc.? Just talk to us and we’ll come up with a plan. (If you DO want something more custom–please give us a bit more time so we can get it perfect for you.)

How much money do I have to spend?

If you get both a boutonniere and corsage–set aside about 40 dollars. If you would like to add on ‘bling’, upgrade your flowers, or customize further, plan to spend a bit more.

If I have to pick up my flowers a day before Prom–what should I do with them?

Keep them in the package we sent them home in. Store them toward the front of the refrigerator. The back tends to stay colder and can have cold spots. Also, keep them away from fruit–as, sometimes, the acidity of the fruit can turn the flowers a bit brown, or yellow. Other than that–nothing!

I took the most fun, and creative, Prom photo ever! Wanna see it!?

Yes! We do, actually! AND, if we all agree that you took THE most fun, and creative, photo we’ll reward you with a 100 dollar, Visa gift card. Post it on our  Facebook page, or, publicly, tag #MainFloral on Instagram. We’ll group them all together on FB for everyone to see, and we’ll choose the all-around, winner by May 25th. You have nothing to lose–and you’ll get to show off a bit. (Plus…seriously, we LOVE to see how our flowers look on you guys!)



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