Mother’s Day Flower Ideas { Local Floral Delivery Anoka }

Spring, flowers and Mother’s Day…it all just goes together like the that way owies and kisses from mom go together, and hand print art, scotch tape and proud momma’s do too. There’s just something that feels right, down to the core, in all of those things. We’re doing our part and gearing up for the flower delivery rush this season, in every way possible. We have the most amazing group of floral designers all ready to go. We are getting in more, and more, adorable vases that will be delivered, full of flowers, all over the Twin Cities, Metro Area around the 10th, and we are proudly using, as always, the most beautiful, full, and long-lasting flowers in town. Anyway, we thought it’d be fun to do a two part blog series (sounds pretty professional, huh!?) regarding–you guessed it, moms and flowers. Ordering, and sending, a flower arrangement is so fun–but, what if you want to get a little bit more hands on with your flowers and create something, yourself, for the moms in your life–or, let the kids do it? We sell all of the flowers we use in our arrangements, per stem, as well. All you have to do is stop in, and pick out what you want, a-la-carte style. Part one of this blog series (yup, totally professional) will include fun projects that you can put together with, and/or, for individual flowers. Part two will be fun, flower, crafts that don’t, necessarily, include live flowers–though, certainly can!

We’re going to kick off the ‘ideas’ portion of this blog with the Mother’s Day version of the Christmas Wreath. Make something to hang on the door so mom can see it every time she walks into her home. Finding a hanging basket, this time of year, is quite simple–just hit up the garden center at Menards or Home Depot, or your local craft store. You could fill it with floral foam, or just place a small vase in it to hold the flowers. You could also purchase silk flowers to create something a bit longer lasting. Either way, it doesn’t take much to make something beautiful like this:

Floral Door Hanger

This idea is so simple. We sell many small, potted plants and succulents that would be ideal for this. For place holders at the table, to bring into the office for other moms, or for the kids to decorate–this is simple, and sweet. This idea is just a link to the photo on Pinterest. (Though if you follow the link, you’ll find a blog with several other Mother’s Day ideas, too. We really loved this one, specific, idea though.)

Wrapped, Potted, Plants

Baby’s breath, and butterflies, create a springy, bright, and unique look. If you’re planning to surprise mom with breakfast in bed–something like this would be adorable, and so easy to pair with her coffee. In the photo we’re linking to–they used a spray painted mason jar to hold the Baby’s Breath but you could use anything. If you follow the link on Pinterest, you’ll find another blog with more ideas for Mom’s Day–we really just love this though:

Baby’s Breath and Butterflies

Mini flower bouquets are perfect for all of the mom’s in your life. Pop a few of these on the desks of women at the office, use them as place holders at brunch, or put a few of these around the house for mom to find. (Attaching a few homemade coupons to these would make them even better. 🙂 ) You can use the flowers pictured in this blog, or find other favorites when you stop in.

Mini Bouquets

In our last idea for part Mother’s day blog part one, of two, we’re just going with the simplest ever. Mason jars make such inexpensive, rustic, flower holders. If you’re hosting, and need place settings–creating a unique jar of flowers, for each mom, that she can take home, would be adorable. (Or, make them all the same. You can’t go wrong here.) You could also place a few of these around the house, with sweet messages on each of them, for mom to see when she wakes up, and goes about her day. The blog we’re linking to is photo heavy–but, you’ll get the idea quickly.

Mason Jar Arrangements

Like we mentioned above–our cooler is always stocked full of single, stems, of flowers that you can purchase individually. We are, also, happy to order something specific for you if you call us ahead of time. As always, if you create any of these, using our flowers–we want to see! Take a pic and send it to us, or post it on our FB wall!


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