Flower Crafts 2 { Mother’s Day Flower delivery Anoka }

Welcome to part two of our Mother’s Day, floral gift ideas, blog! In case you missed the first part, it’s HERE. That one was full of fresh flower, DIY craft ideas. We are bursting at the seams with fresh, gorgeous, flowers currently; it’s a wonderful time to stop in and pick some up for any of the projects in the first blog. If you’re low on time this week, or just want to keep it simple, give us a call, or head to our website–we would LOVE to deliver some fresh flowers at Mom’s work this week, or at home on Saturday! (And believe us when we say she would love it too 🙂 ) Anyway, here we are, part two of our awesome blog series! Today, of course, it’s all about flowers…but, in a bit more of an edible, and decorative, fashion. Now, none of these projects REQUIRE real flowers–but, a fresh flower arrangement would definitely accent any of them. 😉 As always–if you do any of these projects, snap a pic, we’d love to see it!

Let’s kick this blog off with where most gifts start off–with a card! These sweet, cupcake liner and button flowers, make any homemade card look adorable.

Mother’s Day Flower Cards

This one can be completed by swinging by our favorite candy store, Sweet River Candy Company–how cute would these be placed on the desk of a co-worker, or put out for mom to see in the morning!? If you have the little ones help, it’s a great project to work on that hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Also, these are pictured with Starburst–but, individually wrapped chocolates, taffy’s, Tootsie Rolls, etc., would be adorable too. There’s even a spot in Sweet River that is full of random candies that are 10/1.00–you could do a whole bunch of different flowers for only a few dollars!

Edible Flowers

This is another one that Sweet River could help you out with–candy, flower, bouquets! We just spotted these little cups, and lids, at Target in the paper plate section. The skewers were there too and could easily be painted green; little leaves could be glued on, as well. We love this idea because the little cups make great, individual, sized treats that mom can snack on in the days after Mother’s Day!

Candy Flower Bouquet

What mom, or grandma, doesn’t love fingerprints from their little ones!? Also, what mom doesn’t love finger painting being done, in secret, with another adult? They get the art–and they don’t have to clean up or even see the mess! It’s totally win/win. 🙂

Fingerprint Poppies

Here’s another painting one. This one doesn’t include finger painting though–instead, you just need the bottom of a plastic bottle!

Plastic Bottle Flower Prints

Total sap here…but, this little poem always makes us tear up a bit. We love using handprints to ‘grow’ the flowers from.

Flower Handprint with Poem

Ugh. Okay. We’re totally teared up still from that last one. Let’s move on to this one–it’s adorable and poem-less. These flowers are another great way to use something that would otherwise get tossed out–like the plastic bottle prints project, above. (Which, reusing, awesome! It’s a double lesson for the kiddo’s–recycling AND making something for others!)

Bright, Painted, Flowers

This is our last project, the one pictured, and favorite–we’ve, so far, listed edible, paintable, stampable and hangable projects. Now, something totally different–you can add magnets to the back of these, glue them onto a barrette, or the end of large paper clips or a bookmark. You could adhere them onto skewers and plant them in a little garden or in Mom’s house plants–or, put them on skewers and give them to us to place in an arrangement for Mom! How cool would that be? Homemade flowers she can keep, in the middle of a beautiful, fresh, arrangement!? You could also add some paint ‘dots’ to spruce them up a bit or even a little glitter. There are a million different uses for these cuties. 🙂 (The blog states that this is an outside project. We have done it inside and it works fine as long as the windows can stay open. The smell of melting plastic doesn’t stick around for too long–but, it’s kind of gross while it’s there.)

Melted Bead Flowers

We thought this was the coolest idea…so, we decided to give it a try on our own! The website is awesome at spelling out the project for you–but, we did learn a couple of things though. One, we did it inside, and it was totally fine. We didn’t do a ton, and we had the windows open though. There was a bit of a smell–but, it went away quickly. And, two, if you’re going to use clear(ish) beads–you will be able to see through them when they are melted. In other words…if you put magnets on the back of the clear ones, you will be able to see the magnet through the front. 🙂 

Give us a call, visit our website, or stop in to chat with us about any of your Mother’s Day needs. We always love to help! Next week’s blog will be all about terrariums–much less crafty, but still fun 🙂 (Well, fun for us anyway, since we do love a good terrarium and have ever since first grade when we made one in a jar. Hmmm. Okay. Maybe we’ll include one craft in the blog next week 😉 )


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