Hey, Hydrangea! { Flower Delivery Near Anoka }

Maybe it’s a little bit of the time of the year, and maybe a little bit because they’re an everyday classic–but, both, our customers and us, are just LOVING the Hydrangea’s lately!  From wedding to sympathy arrangements–they’re such a full, beautiful, flower that add dimension, and spark, to any flower arrangement out there.  Whether you’re looking to have an arrangement featuring them delivered, or, would just like to pick up a couple stems for a project of your own–the Hydrangea, in it’s big, billowy, form will make anyone swoon.  Since they seem to be so popular lately–we thought we’d share a little fun trivia regarding them!

Did you know…

There are 70-75 different species of Hydrangea.

The grow, in the wild, almost everywhere from Southeast Asia to the Americas.

They are toxic to humans–so, don’t eat them. 🙂

In Asia, giving someone pink hydrangeas symbolizes that you are the beat to their heart.

The flower was apparently first discovered in Japan.

They are very thirsty flowers–so, keep them watered well!

The colors of the flowers are affected by the aluminum ions in the soil.

They are produced from early spring to late autumn.

Actress Blake Lively used pink hydrangeas in her wedding bouquet.

Hydrangeas produce their main flower clusters from the tips of shoots formed from the previous season.

There is an American society for people who love hydrangeas.  (This is a great site to learn the basics of care, too!)

Thanks to CountryLiving.com for these fun facts!







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