Treat Yourself! { Local Florist By Anoka }

Here we are, in the middle of the week again. It’s quiet around the shop this time of year. Sure, we have our weddings and funerals that keep us consistently steady–but, other than that, with no big holidays coming up, it’s mellow here at Main Floral. (Which is kinda nice–sneaking out a little early to enjoy some summer weather is fun.) Since we’re pretty quiet on the delivery front though–we figured that also means that most folks haven’t bought themselves, or received any flowers, in a long time. (Sad. We know.) It’s easy to think to send flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays–but, why send them otherwise? We came across a blog (while browsing floral blogs in our extra time 😉 ), that lists ten excellent reasons why you deserve flowers. They had some great ideas that we thought we’d echo a bit–as well as add on to. So many times we feel like we don’t ‘deserve’ flowers, so all of these ideas are aimed at treating yourself (though, we promise that no one will argue if you decide to gift them with flowers for ANY of the reasons listed below). 😀

Your home, or office, could use a little color.

Forget all the Pinterest projects that you pinned–but have yet to come back to. Treat yourself to a flower arrangement that a professional designer created. It will give your space that ‘pop’ of color and sophistication that you’ve been meaning to make happen for awhile now. (Plus, it’s luxurious and makes you feel like your space is special.)


It’s been a lousy (or super busy) day, week, or month.

Maybe it’s a work thing, or a fender bender, or the ex is acting crazier than normal; or, maybe you just finished coordinating your 20th high school, class reunion–no matter what has you feeling exhausted, or proud, treating yourself to flowers is so much more fun, and rewarding, than treating yourself to excessive amounts of ice cream. (Okay. We can’t promise that to be true. We can promise you’ll feel better about yourself the next day though. 😉 )


The weather is in a funk.

Rainy days, and weeks, happen. Picking up a bright, happy, arrangement of flowers is an incredible way to lift your mood up! (There was actually a study done on this. Seriously.)


You like taking photos.

Maybe you like posting them on Instagram, or Facebook, or just keeping them for yourself–but, an arrangement of flowers makes for some beautiful close up shots as well as a nice backdrop for your Sunday morning, coffee cup, shots. (#SundayChillin) ((Okay, we’re not sure that that’s even a real hashtag, nor do we care enough to check it out; it seems like it could be a thing though.))


It’s a Celebration.

Maybe it’s not as big as a birthday, or anniversary–but, it can still be a celebration, nonetheless. You could have lost ten pounds, received a raise, fixed the leaky faucet all by yourself, finally finished that paper for school, paid off your car, or any other reason that makes you feel pride in yourself. Honor, and treat, those feelings!


Your kid(s)…

got stitches, again; is starting Kindergarten; is leaving for college; got straight A’s; flunked three classes; turned two; turned twelve; broke your favorite decoration; is on day three of being home from school due to the stomach flu; is on summer vacation; is finally back to school; hasn’t learned to sleep through the night; is FINALLY sleeping through the night; or, just finished up with a six game, LaCrosse tournament, in a town that’s an hour away. No matter what they put you through…a beautiful arrangement of flowers is a really kind way to take care of yourself, when you’re super busy taking care of them.


Because, if not you, then who?

How many times have you looked at flowers and silently wished you had some–or, wished someone would send them to you. Were surprise flower deliveries just a thing of the past? Have you hinted with no luck? Have you hinted with luck–but only once? Have you felt sorry for yourself, or annoyed, when your co-worker has an arrangement delivered? Why are you sitting around waiting for someone to give you something–when you could just go get it for yourself!? Imagine knowing the fresh flowers that are always on your co-workers desk, or at a friend’s home are all bought by her, for her, because she knows she deserves them? We can work with any budget–all you have to do is let us know what you’d like to spend and we’ll make it so. If you have a vase you like–bring it with. It’ll save you a few bucks. Plus, if you just give us a budget and let us get creative–you’ll still get that wonderful, surprised, feeling when we show you what we came up with. We do so much more that just what’s pictured on our website–all you have to to do is ask!


Did we get all the best reasons for getting flowers for yourself? What’d we miss? As always, give us a call with any questions you have. 763.421.7411


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