DIY Flower Crafts { Delivery Near Coon Rapids }

Welcome to another week, and another flower blog from us here at Anoka’s, Main Floral! We’ve been pretty busy with both funeral and wedding floral work lately; plus, we’re starting to think a bit about Grandparent’s Day. (September 13th–just FYI. 😉 ) Other than that though, it’s been quiet enough for us to play around a bit on Pinterest, and with a few crafty, floral, things. (And to clean. We swear–there’s always something to clean. We, definitely prefer Pinterest though. 🙂 ) Since we’ve been busy crafting (for work, really), we thought we’d share a few of our favorite finds as of late. (We love being able to do this from time-to-time.) All of the websites we’re sharing have been checked out by us, and most of the projects can range from being done by bored kids on summer break–to a wedding party prepping for the big day.

So, without further ado, here are a few of our fav’s, along with a quick description and links…

Tissue Paper Flowers:

We see these all over from school hallways, to wedding tables; and, guess what? They’re super easy to make!  This site has a simple way to make four, different, types of flowers from the same materials.

Here’s a similar version, but more of the pom-pom style. These are great for hanging!

AND…one more! We love this colorful, and a bit flatter, version.

Vintage Paper Flowers

These are a current favorite of ours! They look pretty anywhere–from on a present to on a stem. 🙂

Duct Tape Flowers

Hello back to school time! These pens make a huge statement–and are even fun to make. (Or, if you’re like us, and aren’t quite ready to think about back-to-school–making a bunch of these and selling them at a garage sale is a great way to bring in a few extra bucks for some summertime fun.)

Pointy Flowers–Perfect for Pens:

Rounded Flowers:

Paper Dahlia Wreath:

Pretty, simple, and colorful! Plus, we’re kinda in love with all things Dahlia, lately.


(Okay…clearly this isn’t a paper Dahlia–we’re diggin’ the Dahlia’s lately and wanted to share this photo. 🙂 )

Coffee Filter Poofs:

Okay. That might not be their technical name; but, that’s what they look like to us! Dying the coffee filters would add a whole new level of pretty with these–just sayin’.

Paper Flower Jackpot:

And…here’s the mother load of paper flower sites! This blog links to 20 of the cutest paper flower crafts we’ve seen in a long time. There are plenty of different types of flowery ideas (from formal, to rustic), that are sure to keep you busy for quite some time. (Also, we apologize ahead of time for any lost time…)


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