Back To School Flowers { Anoka Hennepin District }

The Minnesota State Fair is here, the kids are getting stocked up to go back to school (and groaning about it), sweet corn is being sold on the side of the road, the sunflowers are in full bloom and the weather is starting to, slowly, change back to Fall. We’re usually ready, and excited, for this time of the year, though we know not everyone feels the same way. The other day, in fact, we put our first arrangement in the cooler that contained autumn leaves. (It was a cool, rainy, day–it seemed right!) Also, the other day, we caught wind of a question in a parent group we’re a part of that we thought would be perfect to talk about today. The mom was asking if she’s supposed to buy her daughter’s teacher a back-to-school gift and citing that she had seen a lot of blogs talking about it. That got us Googling, and we realized that yeah, a lot of “Pinterest parents” seem to like the idea. (It used to be as simple as an apple…ugh. Thanks internet.)

Now, we aren’t experts on this, like we are with flowers–but, we noticed a lot of teachers chime in and say that gifts aren’t necessary–but, if you’d LIKE to send your child to school with a gift, make it practical, something for the room, a gift card for a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Caribou, positive reinforcement stickers, an extra box of crayons or markers, etc.

However, here’s where WE come in on the back-to-school gift giving topic (because, in the past, we’ve posted about what a perfect BTS gift, flower arrangements make). We’ve always been fans of the back-to-school gift–but, in a different sense. We don’t really advocate for sending your adorable little one to school, on day one, with a big bouquet–however, if you KNOW a teacher, in your adult life–that’s a different story. In THAT case–buy that educator some flowers, and send some cheer, for their pre-student room–stat! You know that feeling when you have to go back to work after break, how Sunday night feels like a big, ball, of dread? Well, that’s pretty much the entire month of August for most of my teacher friends. They go back to messy, deconstructed, rooms, meeting after meeting, team building exercises, lesson planning, new co-workers, and prep, prep and PREP–and they have to get it ALL done before school starts. (And, don’t forget needing things to be presentable, and cheery, for families on Open House. Even if they’ve already been there for 10 hours that day–every family wants individual attention, not to mention that this is their first impression–it’s a big deal!) It’s a huge race, long hours, and there isn’t much down time, let alone organization.

If you have a teacher in your life–sending them a beautiful arrangement of flowers to put in their room during Open House week might be a wonderful idea to help them feel appreciated! (Plus, a flower arrangement can detract attention from the giant pile of unsorted paper work on the other corner of the desk. Right? 😉 )

Give us a call to order, or do it right online. We can send the flowers directly to their school with a personalized note from you. (We’re sure your teacher friend will thank you, at 10pm, when they finally get home. 😉 )






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