Chrysanthemum Care { Twin Cities Fall Flower Care }

We know that, technically, it’s still Summer but, with the calendar saying it’s September, the kids back in school, the temps, gradually, cooling off and the colors, slowly, changing–it’s just starting to feel like Autumn. Even our flower arrangements are starting to change a bit–more, and more, folks are requesting Fall themed flowers to be sent out, and delivered, to their loved ones. Speaking of flowers, have you been seeing all of the Chrysanthemum’s on the store shelves when you’re out shopping? We have GORGEOUS, full, hearty, Mum’s here, and, we thought we’d use this blog to pass on a few care tips for them. Buying a beautiful pot of Mum’s is one thing–getting them home, and keeping them beautiful, is another…

Mums love sun! If they’re inside, put them in a South facing window so they get sun all day. If they’re outside, they love patio’s, stairs, sidewalks–anywhere without a bunch of shade.

Water them frequently. If it’s sunny and dry out–daily watering is great. If you’re keeping them indoors, every two, to three, days is ideal. As a general rule of thumb–if the top of the soil feels dry, water.

Cut the flowering stems, back to their base, after all the blooms have finished blooming. Remove any dead, dried out, or damaged foliage throughout the fall, flowering, season to keep the plant looking fresh.

Want to keep your Mums after they’re done blooming? Mum’s that are ‘hearty’ can, often times, be kept with great luck! Many stores that offer cheap Chrysanthemums, aren’t offering hearty ones and they won’t make it after Fall is done–they’re more for decoration right now. We have hearty ones in though–if you’re up for the challenge!  (Or just want them for decoration–they work great for that too. 🙂 )

It can be a bit tricky, but, if you’d like to keep your mums for the entire year–In the late fall, or early winter, cut the plant within two inches of the soil surface. Bury the pot, outdoors, for the winter, covering it with a two inch layer of mulch. In the spring, uncover the pots, and continue watering to encourage new growth.

If you decided to try to keep your mums, and all works out well–you should see some new growth early in the summer. If that happens, fertilize according to your fertilizer package through the beginning of July.

Once your plant reaches about eight inches–pinch back the stems by two inches. That will help to ensure optimal growth for the Fall, blooming, season.

From there–let ‘em grow until Fall!

Have you tried this method before? Has it worked for you? Let us know–we’d love to hear from you.






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