Jewels, Gifts, and Decor–oh my! { Gift Ideas in Twin Cities }

Happy Tuesday! Today’s blog is dedicated to everyone who walks in and says, ‘Oh wow! I never realized you had more than just flowers here.’ (Which is a lot of folks.) Well, now that we think about it, maybe we shouldn’t dedicate this blog to them, as much as we should dedicate it all of those who haven’t walked in and said that–they’re the ones who probably don’t realize that we do so much more than just deliver flowers. (JUST deliver flowers–hah! Can’t believe we just said that…we definitely aren’t forgetting the customer service, the ordering, the creating, the problem solving, the meetings and the cleaning. 🙂 )  We love to keep our storefront full of fun, unique finds–and, we especially love things made by local, Minnesota, artisans. We thought we’d take today’s blog to show off a few of our favorite items…enjoy!

This line of Crow’s soaps, lotions and body butters just came in.  We have them up by the registers and the smells we are gifted with all day from them are just incredible! 

Candy and stuffed animals!  Of course we carry those things.  We can send either, or both, along with any arrangement you choose–just contact us directly and we’ll get you taken care of.  If we don’t have exactly what you need–you can always try Sweet River Candy Company, next door.  They always have cool stuff. 🙂

We love birds, turtles, deer, bunnies–anything that would sit pretty next to some flowers, we’ve probably got somewhere around here!

Maybe you’re looking for something to put in your garden, or houseplant–we have fun, new, finds throughout the year.  OR, maybe you want to spruce up the pot of an old plant you already have, or find a new one to replant–we have a great selection of pots to choose from.   We also carry greeting cards for any occasion.

And, then we have a fresh, new, supply of JohnsChains.  These are all handmade, and the prices are super reasonable.

Handmade mittens (from old sweaters), houseplants, jewelry, homemade candles, terrariums, dish gardens–or, even a HoeJoe…you really never know WHAT you’ll find around here, given the day/month/season.  

If you’re looking for something, specific, it’s best to give us a call.  If you’re just out browsing for something different, or for the perfect gift–stop in!  

We have so much more than ‘just flowers’.


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