New Stuff at Main Floral { Flowers Around Minnesota }

New stuff makes us happy! Yeah, yeah, yeah…it seems to be all about the Halloween events in Anoka lately–but, here, inside Main Floral, we’ve been busy finding, and bringing in, some great, new, products for you! (Yes. Stuff other than flowers.) We’ve also been busy brainstorming, and coming up with a few, new, delivery and gift ideas. (They’re more on the delicious side–as opposed to the floral side though. We hope that’s okay. 😉 ) So, without further ado…we present them to you!

So…the first items we’re going to brag about show you, are some of our FAVORITE, new, creations! We look at our chocolate baskets as pretty much the best, gift, ever.  Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, to say congratulations, or thank you, as an anniversary gift, for a coworker, or even to say you’re sorry…these baskets are, completely, perfect.  We stuff them full of our favorite, premium and Minnesota made, Abdallah chocolates and candies, and send them on their way for delivery.  We always have a wonderful selection of chocolates in, so the variety may vary a bit–but, we promise to never disappoint.  We are currently offering three, different, baskets–at three, different, price points.  (Click on the photo for super easy ordering!)

The above basket is our seasonal basket.  It is loaded with a wonderful selection of chocolate candies and is dressed up to fit the mood of the season.  Right now, we’re loving the rustic basket, and fall-colored, bow.

This basket is a little bit of everything and, it’s our biggest one, yet! With a full selection of chocolates to enjoy, share, and enjoy some more–this one is sure to please anyone.

We put this baby together for that special breed of folks who love the dark chocolate. This basket is full of the deepest, darkest, favorites!

We also received another order of bath favorites from local soap maker, Spring Sun Spa. They are located right in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. They us only the BEST ingredients and work in very small batches–using natural, and organic, ingredients whenever possible. The smells resonating from this display are head turning, to say the least–they’re incredible!

And, finally, we, majorly, bulked up our supply of pots and containers to hold fresh flowers, small dish gardens, succulent gardens, and/or houseplants. We have every color in the rainbow, and then some, in pots currently. We also have many different shapes, and all different sizes. We LOVE the uniqueness of our current collection–each container is just a little different, and all of them are different from things you’ve seen elsewhere.

Check out one of the displays…we, totally, geek out on all the colors, patterns, shapes, sizes and look!


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