Succulent Care

Sweet lil Succulents { Minnesota Care Tips and How-To }

We’re not talking Halloween, or even Fall today. Instead, today, we want to skip off our regular, flowery, path with this blog and venture off into the green world of plants. More specifically, we want to talk about Succulents. We love the little plants so much. They’re cute. They’re all unique. They come in many different varieties and they’re versatile–we have used them to design all kinds of things here, around Main Floral, all the way from mini gardens, to flower arrangements. Plus, if you break them, you can, often times, just regrow them. (We can be a little clumsy from time-to-time–it happens.) We figured it was a good time to dedicate a blog to them–especially since we just got some adorable, little ones, in at the shop and we keep walking by them everyday. We’ll talk about care tips, and tell you how to regrow them if you break one, or if you’re trying to propagate. We’ll also add a few of our favorite Succulent garden photos from around the shop–in case you need a little inspiration!

Let’s start with care–you get your new, little plants home, and then what?

First of all…they need to be placed in a bright place. A south facing window is always a good bet. Succulents are very similar to cacti and love their sun; however, they can’t handle being in hot, direct, rays–as it can actually burn their leaves.

As far as watering them…despite their big, plush, leaves looking like they would love a lot of water, they actually don’t. A small bit of water each week, to ten days, is really all they need to thrive. If you notice their leaves turning brown, and shriveling, it may mean that you’re over watering. They make special Succulent plant foods that you can use to fertilize monthly, if you wish.

In the winter months, you can switch to watering Succulents much less frequently, as this is their naturally dormant time of the year.

Another thing that Succulents need is a good, well-draining, soil. We have good luck with mixing a bit of potting soil, with a bit of sand, with a bit of perlite–it drains great and our Succulents seem to love it.

Along with the soil being well-draining–succulents like their air dry(ish) too. Placing them in a closed container, and/or, misting them with water will keep them a bit too moist for their liking and can end up killing them. Keep them in an open, shallow, dish for best results.

So…let’s say you accidentally break off a part of your Succulent, or would like to take some cuttings either to start your plant over, or to help it grow a bit healthier–here’s how you can do that:

First of all–let the cuttings dry for a few days. Place them on a windowsill, or someplace that they won’t get bumped around. This allows them to dry out a bit so they won’t rot after being placed on the soil.

When the cuttings are ready, place them on a shallow tray of well-draining soil. Water sparingly. After a few weeks, you should see tiny roots sprouting from the leaf. Water only when the soil is dry.

Once the plantlets appear, let them grow until the mother leaf starts to wither. From here, you can either separate the new growth from the old, or move the entire plantlet to a new container to continue growing.

Here’s a link with some good info on this process:…


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