Simple, DIY, Centerpieces { Minnesota Thanksgiving }

Hello again! You KNOW we’re still thinkin’ about Thanksgiving flowers here, in Anoka, right!? Did you catch last weeks ‘History of the Centerpiece’ blog? We have added the twoholiday, centerpieces that were featured on that post to our website for you to order, as early as today, for your holiday get together. We can even bring it right to you the day before Thanksgiving, so you don’t have to leave the house. (In case you’re like us and are last-minute cleaners. 😉 ) Obviously, we will NOT be open on Thanksgiving–unlike some of the big box retailers. We’re small town, and pro-family–no one will be here working, and no one will be here shopping. Anyway…we’re getting off track. (We do that often… 🙂 ) To piggyback off of last week’s post–we’re going to revisit the centerpiece, as well as a couple other simple, Thanksgiving, flower craft ideas in today’s blog. Needless to say, all of the flowers in the projects listed here are available through us. We order nothing but the best, quality, flowers so you know they will stay beautiful and continue to last. We also offer premium, silk, flowers that look nearly identical to the real thing. So, without further ado, we present to you, some of our favorite, T-Day, craft ideas…

Simple and sweet…fill some dollar store vases with acorns, or cranberries, and top with a large mum. We have mums in a variety of colors–so, you can do different colors, or, all the same.

Flowers in a pumpkin…any flowers would work, and we even have the floral foam you can purchase. How simple, and sweet is this!?

White tulips in simple vases, and pine cones make up this beautiful centerpiece.

Combine some citrus fruit and evergreen sprigs to create this, unique, centerpiece. We can order you the sprigs and Main Floral is full of interesting containers you could build this in.

Maybe all white, like the snow, suits you–or, maybe you’d like to focus on a different color. Either way, we can help you find the orchids you need for a project like this.

There are so many fun, creative, ideas you can find out there, or come up with yourself! We are here if you need a specific flower (fresh or silk), something that might not, necessarily, be in season or very specific colors. We always have a wonderful selection in stock, so you can just walk in and grab what you need. If you need something more specific, just give us a call–we can usually find things fairly quickly and then call you when it comes in. (Usually within a couple days.) Or…you can just order the whole arrangement from us because time is a tough thing to come by this time of year!


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