New Twin Cities Floral Blog

Our NEW Blog! { Twin Cities Floral Design Blog }

Welcome to the NEW, Main Floral, blog! It’s no secret we like to blog around here–but, we just didn’t have a place that felt like ‘home’ yet…until now. Every week, we love to be able to show off what we’re working on around the shop, let you know about any changes we’re making, offer plant, and flower care tips, play around with new flowery crafts, and projects and/or let you know about what else is happening around Anoka. Each week is a little different…but, just as awesome. (Or, that’s what we like to think, anyway. 🙂 )

Our new blog is great for us, for a bunch of different, functional, reasons…sure. But, we actually think it’s even better for YOU!  Here’s why…

  • You can now subscribe to our blog. SO…in case you want to get a quick email, when we write a new post, you can sign up for that now. Just click on the three little lines on the upper, right hand, corner of our page. Click where it says ‘Follow’. It’s easy.
  • Our new design is easy to use–and, super pretty! (We like pretty…after all, we do arrange flowers for a living. 🙂 ) Scrolling down our page will show you each post title, along with a photo–nothing else. Clicking on the photo brings you to the blog post, itself. We love the beautiful, simple, design of the our front page.
  • Those three little lines we mentioned above…well, clicking on those will bring you to all kinds of useful, blog, info. There’s a link to our FB page, a link to our ‘About Us’ page, an archive of recent/previous posts, a search bar, and our ‘Contact Info’–complete with our hours, address, phone number, and a Google map link, so you can find us easily.
  • You can now leave comments. If you have a question, or a thought, about anything we’ve posted–you can now get in touch with us right here. We know not everyone has Facebook–so, this is a GREAT way to keep in touch while bypassing FB, all together.

Anyway…like we said…we’re super excited about this. It kinda feels like when you clean out a really, cluttered, closet and turn it into something organized, simple, and well-designed. 🙂

New Twin Cities Floral Blog


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