unique firefly jewelry in twin cities

Handmade Unique Jewelry { Local Twin Cities Florist }

We’re super busy making corsages and boutonnieres today for Anoka High School’s, MORP dance tomorrow. It is so crazy around here…it actually has a Prom feel to it. (That’s good, we suppose. It’s a great warm up for Valentine’s Day next week…right? Then again, is there ANYTHING that can prep a local florist for something as huge as V-Day?) We HAD to take a minute though to get this blog up because we are super excited to announce that we just got in a beautiful, new, shipment of Firefly Jewelry. This stuff is stunning. Seriously. The way it catches the light, sparkles and feels so solid in your hand. Every employee around here swoons over this stuff…from 16-65 years old. Since we’re a small, brick-and-mortar shop–we really appreciate other small, brick-and-mortar, shops as well–which is why we’re drawn to this line of jewelry. It’s all handmade and isn’t sold anywhere except for small businesses, like ours. It’s so old-fashioned feeling to not just be able to go over to their website and order…we like it.

We have a very limited supply of each item. You can order from us, either online or you can stop into the shop to take a look at it for yourself. (I’m all about feeling something before buying it. šŸ™‚ ) We have a feeling these items will go fast–especially as Valentine’s Day approaches.

If you’d like more info on the company, itself, check out their website, HERE.

As always, if you questions, give us a call, or just stop in. We always love to hear from you!




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