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In case you missed it–we were nominated, and in the running to be named Minnesota’s Best Flower Shop, by WCCO. How cool/awesome/exciting was that!? It was a huge honor to be in the mix–as there are plenty of florists around town. We’re so proud of what we do, and we’re so proud of how hard our staff works to get it all done–it was just really nice to be recognized. Anyway, we lost out to a very deserving, Hallstrom’s, in Red Wing–but, we’re in the top FOUR, nonetheless! Here’s the video from the news; and below that, is the article that was posted with it. (The original article is HERE.)

If you voted for us (or would have, if you had known 🙂 )–thank you for your time, and your support! We promise to keep doing our best, to keep being the best(ish). 🙂

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The roots grow deep at Hallstrom’s Florist and Greenhouses. The historic town of Red Wing is the perfect home for this fourth-generation shop.

“It’s going to start way back in 1886. That’s when my great grandfather moved to Red Wing here and bought 30 acres of property on the south edge of Red Wing,” owner Dave Hallstrom said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The business was passed down to Dave’s grandfather, then father.

“Back in the 1970s, my dad asked me to come back and join the business,” Dave said. “It was a tough decision to make, but I’m glad I did it.”

Now, Dave and Diane are the husband-and-wife team keeping the Hallstrom legacy alive.

“We support each other quite a bit, and she’s my best friend,” Dave said.

Diane says she is happy to be part of the Hallstrom clan.

“I always tease him and say, ‘When I said I do, I didn’t realize at the time what all that entailed,’” Diane said. “It’s been wonderful because, well first of all, it’s such a loving family.

From start of life to the end, they are there for you in all of your significant events.

“Our theory is we can do anything. You let us know what you want us to do and we can do it,” Diane said.

It is a happy place to work, and not just because of the flowers.

“It’s all about the employees,” Diane said. “It is not Dave and I certainly. It’s all about the background, everybody else.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Dave wholeheartedly agrees.

“They’re the ones out on the ‘battlefield’ we call it, because they’re the ones that are with the customers all the time meeting face to face,” he said.

A lot has changed in the 130 years that Hallstrom’s has existed.

“We don’t use cow manure anymore [laughs]!” Diane said.

Much of it for the better, as Dave’s mom, Carol Hallstrom, remembers.

“I remember the time when we didn’t have plastic,” Carol said. “We had to use wood crates. We didn’t have paper bags. We had newspapers to wrap the flowers. So there’s been a lot of changes in those years.”

But one thing hasn’t changed — everyone loves to get flowers.

“I think a flower shop is all about sentiments and emotions,” Diane said. “That’s why it’s the best job ever because just knowing that you’re sending flowers to somebody that’s sad or sick, you know it’s going to perk them up.”

Hallstrom’s is open seven days a week, and they also have a chocolate and ice cream shop attached to the store.

Your other favorite flower shops are Main Floral in Anoka, TJ’s Floral and Gifts in Walker and Garden of Eva in St. Paul.


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