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Fall Flowers, Yes! { Floral Delivery in the Twin Cities }

Technically, yes, it’s still Summer. And yes, we still have a long ways to go before Fall–however, when you’re a retailer, you’re always thinking about the next season, well before it’s actually the next season. For us, there’s no exception–we’re a flower shop that’s gotta be thinking one step ahead. If a customer would like to order flowers today, to be delivered to his mom for her birthday next month–Autumn-inspired flowers might just be perfect (since, in a month, somehow, we’ll be well into September already). ((Also, that’s a crazy thought.)) So, with all that in mind–we’re just beginning to unveil our new, Fall, collection. These first five aren’t full of pumpkins, or Autumn leaves, or anything like that; instead, our colors are simply starting to change a bit. With these arrangements, we’re shifting away from the bright pinks, yellows, and oranges and trading them in, instead, for the more rustic look. We love our deeper hues of yellows, reds, and oranges–especially when mixed with browns and, even, purple. Of course you can still find the summery bright colors in both our coolers, and on our website–it’s not all Fall yet. But, for now, here are the first five…

All are available on our website, or by calling us…and, for delivery, or pick up.


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