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Thanksgiving Centerpieces { Anoka Area Florist and Delivery }

Hey all! Welcome back to the blog. 🙂 We were out doing a little shopping last Sunday–we made a trip to Bath and Body Works, Charming Charlies, and Target. During that time, you would have thought we also time traveled into mid-December, based on all the Christmas music, Christmas trees and holiday decorations everywhere. We get that Halloween has come, and gone–but, there’s still an incredibly special holiday between now, and Christmas. Remember Thanksgiving? Now, we understand it isn’t the flashiest time of the year, nor is it full of glitter, silver, and gold–but, it is a time to stop, and remember to be thankful. (Even if you’re pretty positive that the whole happy pilgrim/Native American thing was all just a fairy tale they told you in school, let’s face it, Thanksgiving is just ONE day that we, as a country, can still use to stop for and show appreciation for our friends, family, and all that we’ve been gifted with. Or, it’s a day to go and help others who don’t have quite as much as you.)

Anyway, we are stopping for a moment to appreciate the day, and the table that holds the food which we’ve been blessed with. We have created, from scratch, a beautiful line of Thanksgiving centerpieces. They’re a beautiful way to complete your Thanksgiving decorating, while also adding warmth, and elegance, to your table, or buffet area. If you’re not hosting a meal this year, you could always see if your hostess is planning to have a centerpiece. If not, bringing one (or having one delivered to them the day before), is a wonderful way to say thanks to them for doing all the work that goes into hosting such a large day.

You can find each of these stunning arrangements here:

As always, give us a call if you have any questions, or would like of these arrangements personalized further.


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