Different, and Fun, Ways to Give Flowers { Twin Cities Valentine’s Day Floral Delivery }

Hello! As you probably can imagine–it’s a little busy about this place lately. So much so, that we’re even going open tomorrow, SUNDAY! Our regular store hours have us closed on Sundays; but, well, there’s not much regular about right before Valentine’s Day, in a flower shop. 🙂 We’ll be here from 10-4, (8-8 on Mon. and Tues.) making beautiful arrangements, and doing anything we can to prep for Monday and Tuesday. (Or, maybe we should just be prepping the coffee for our staff and delivery guys. 😀 ) Anyway, since V-Day is such a HUGE flower-giving gift day, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite, creative, ways to gift the arrangements we create. (Just in case you’re one of those that feels like gettin’ extra creative this year. No shame if you’re not, though. We have yet to meet anyone that complains about getting flowers. In any way, shape, of form. 🙂 )

Send them with balloons.

Balloons aren’t just for kids! They have a quick way to make anyone feel cheery, and super special. (Yup, you can even add them on if you order online for delivery.) Plus, balloons really make your recipient’s flowers stand out, like, above the rest. Literally.

Hand write an actual, old-fashioned, love note.

This can be so hard to do–but, if you don’t overthink it, it’s not too bad. 🙂 (Just like when you were in high school.) Just think of five of your favorite things about your recipient, and tell them in note form. You can’t type this though. Handwriting is key. If you write a note, but want us to deliver it–just bring it into the shop. We’ll attach it right to the flowers.

Put them everywhere.

If you stop in, and pick up a few individual flowers stems–you can use them all day! Serve up coffee, with rose. A couple daisies look beautiful on a pillow. Add some carnations to the dinner table, etc. Whatever you’ve got planned for the day–add some flowers to it. By the end of the day, she’ll have a beautiful arrangement. 🙂 (This method is super budget friendly, too. You just have to get a little more creative with presentation though.)

Put ’em in the car.

Pick up an arrangement on Monday and pop ’em in the car late Monday night. (Or, super early Tuesday morning.) They’ll be the first thing she sees as she gets in the car on Valentine’s Day. (It’s gonna be a bit chilly on Monday night–this one is best for a garaged car if you’re planning to leave them all night.)

Focus on a favorite.

Whether you want to surprise her with an arrangement based on her favorite color, or flower–all you have to do is let us know what it is, and, what your budget is. We’ll put it together from there. (This way usually scores points too–it proves you DO pay attention when she’s talking about the little things. 🙂 )

Add a gift card.

Maybe for a massage, maybe for coffee, or maybe for a MN Wild game–whatever your recipient is into, attach it right to her arrangement. If you have a gift card you’d like us to deliver, stop in to drop it off’; we’ll, happily, attach it to her flowers!

Send them right to work.

Valentine’s Day being on a Tuesday this year makes this one really easy. We all love a surprise–having flowers show up during a regular, boring, day of work makes everything happy. 🙂

Involve the kids.

For the price of one, large, arrangement–you could order smaller ones, specifically, for the kids to give. This way, you can really mix up the colors and flower types. Plus, she’ll have flowers for in the bedroom, the bathroom, the dining room, etc. The trick here, is that you need to have a slightly larger arrangement to give her, from you. (Or, a more romantic one. Let the kids give her the daisies–you give her the red roses.)

Have you surprised someone with flowers in a unique, and creative, way? If so, we’d love to hear about it. For now though–good luck with all of your flowery plans with Valentine’s Day! Check out our website to order at anytime–or, give us a call. We love to help if you have questions!



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