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Prom Photo Contest Rules { Twin Cities Corsage Florist }

Hey guys! Thanks for coming to check out our prom, photo contest rules, a bit more–in this post we’re just more, or less, elaborating on what we already told ya. 🙂 We’re excited to be running our prom contest, again, this year. If you purchase a prom corsage, and/or, boutonniere, here, at Main Floral, you can enter to win! It’s super easy. We’re giving away two, 100.00 Visa gift cards (one to each winner)–just in time for summer vacation!

To Enter:

You can enter either on Instagram, or on Facebook.

On IG, all you have to do is tag your one favorite photo with #mainfloralprom. We’ll take it from there. (We heart every photo that is entered–so, you’ll know we saw it. ❤ ) 

On FB, post it to our wall. (The hashtag thing on FB isn’t very reliable.) (We will like every photo, so you know we saw it!)

*If you post more than one photo for this contest, we will just take the first one you posted, whether it’s your favorite, or not.

*Corsage and/or bout need to be purchased from us.


Since we can’t really make an album on IG to put all of the photos, we will be doing this part on FB. All of the photos that get entered will be added to our Prom 2017 Contest Album–on Facebook. (We like this method too because parents, aunts, grandparents, etc., can vote easier this way. They don’t always have an IG account, yet we’re sure they’d still love to see your prom photo. 🙂 ) We will start adding to the album as soon as the first prom happens, and we will leave it open for voting, for two weeks after the last prom happens. (Prom season, around here, lasts almost six weeks. That’s why this contest runs so long.)


There will be two winners chosen. One winner will be chosen based on the photo with the most ‘likes’. (So, plug your photo! We’ll be sharing the album often–but, you can push for votes from your family, and friends!)

Also, one winner will be chosen by us. Since we put such huge value on creativity in what we do on a daily basis, we decided to judge this one based on creativity, as well. We’re looking for something that stands out–maybe it’s great posing, or funny, or it tells a story, is artsy, is in a cool location, shot from an unique angle, is fashion focused, etc.–those photos have a much better chance to be chosen as the winner over a basic portrait. *Just don’t do anything your parents wouldn’t approve of to get a shot like this.

Each winner will receive a 100.00 Visa gift card.

*We will contact you through the social media account from which you posted your photo.

Important Dates:

The contest opens on April 7th.

All photos MUST be entered by midnight on Monday, May 22nd.

Voting will close at midnight on June 5th.

Winners will be announced during the week of June 5th. (Your last week of school. 🙂 )

We hope this answers any questions you have about this contest. If you have other questions, just let us know! We try to keep it super simple, to make sure it stays fun for everyone. 🙂 We all really love to see your photos and are looking forward to browsing through them as they come in!

And, with ALL of this being said–we hope that Prom ’17 is nothing but lighthearted, breezy, gorgeous, fun–filled with laughs, dancing, bonding and great friends. Stay safe you all–and, keep each other safe too. ❤

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