Prom Contest Photos { Florist Near Minneapolis }

Hey all! Welcome back to Main Floral’s blog! We just wanted to pop in quickly to show off the photos that were submitted to our Prom Contest. We have the contest open for voting over on Facebook right now, through June 6th–so, if you want to vote for any of these photos, check out our page. Today though, we thought it’d just be fun to post the gallery here, too! We will have two winners–one winner will be chosen based off of number of ‘likes’ on FB. The other one will be chosen by us, based on creativity. (Creativity in what we do on a daily basis is such a huge deal, that we decided to judge this one based on creativity, as well. We’re looking for something that stands out–maybe it’s great posing, or funny, or it tells a story, is artsy, is in a cool location, shot from an unique angle, is fashion focused, etc.–those photos have a much better chance to be chosen as the winner over a basic portrait.) 

Anyway, if you want to go vote on any of the photos–check out this link:


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