Prom Contest Winners { Anoka Twin Cities Flower Shop }

Hello! You’ve probably seen us bloggin’, over the last couple of months, about the prom contest we’ve been holding here, at Main Floral. We announced winners on Facebook, and on Instagram…but, we wanted to also give ’em a shout out here, on our blog, too! If you want to learn more about the contest we held, check out THIS BLOG POST. Otherwise, here is what we put on our FB page when we announced our two winners (the winning photos are below):

This year, we put together HUNDREDS of corsages, and boutonnieres over the course of prom season! We also decided to host a little contest–since we really LOVE seeing where our flowers end up, and how they look with the outfits they get to accompany.

Two winners were crowned from our contest this year. One, based on the most FB votes; and one was our choice.

Most votes was a tight, and competitive category. All together, there were over 530 votes cast! Thank you to every. single. person. who took a minute to vote for these kids, and show ’em your support. YOU are awesome! In the end, Dawn Sieber’s photo won with 156, hard earned, votes!

On our side, well, we had a lively debate, and we didn’t decide easily. Every photo was great in it’s own way. Ultimately, the photo from Brittany Welter won over the others. (For the slight majority of us, anyway.) We loved the pose the most–but, what cracked us up, and sealed the deal, is when someone joked Brittany’s dad must have warned the young man to keep his hands off his daughter. (Check out his hand…he’s got her JUST enough to keep her from falling. 🙂 )

Dawn, and Brittany, feel free to stop in anytime to pick up your prize! We are here until 5 today, from 9-4 tomorrow, and we’re closed on Sunday.

As for everyone–we hope you have a wonderful summer vacation and that whatever adventure awaits you in the fall, is met with excitement, determination, and success!


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