Fall Wedding Floral Trends { Twin Cities Minnesota Florist }

Okay. We know no one really *loves* to hear it…but, summer is heading toward fall pretty quickly these days. Apples and pumpkins, are getting ready to overthrow watermelons and ice cream; and, everything pumpkin spice is just about to start happening. (Look. We adore fall and all that comes with it. We just aren’t in a huge rush to be the first ones to get there.) Here, around the flower shop though, we have to start heading into full Fall mode, as all of those September, October, and November weddings are the next ones on the docket. (Also, we do still have limited availability during these months. If you are getting married and still need to order flowers, we might just be able to help! Give us a call/send us an email, and if we have the opening, we’ll get a consult booked immediately and get you all ready to go.)

As Florists, we, obviously, love to keep our eyes on the pulse of what’s trending each season, flower wise. Right now, we’re seeing a few things that keep popping up in the way of fall wedding flowers. SO, if you’re trying to piece together what you may love in your own wedding, or just curious as to what others seem to be gravitating toward, check out some of these ideas:

-First of all…we’re seeing a lot of neutral colors, and earth tones being sought out. Sure, there are folks that are forever in love with bright pops of color, and bold color choices in their bouquet–but, lately, monochromatic choices seem to be everywhere. Apricots, peaches, coffee tones, whites, dusty colors, and muted hues are all over right now. Some folks like to pair those with a few pops of burgundy, or violet, too–just enough to coordinate with the colors that the wedding party is wearing.

-Locally grown flowers that are seasonal to the climate we’re in. Being here, in MN, we work with several, local, gardeners that specialize in organic, sustainable, flower growing–even into early fall. The only kicker with going this route is that these flowers aren’t grown in greenhouses, with chemicals, to keep them lasting an incredibly long time, with huge colors–if you go this route, the flowers will typically fade, and wilt, at a quicker speed than their greenhouse grown counterparts. As long as you’re aware of this, and okay with it, we’re completely happy to go this direction with you and will work with local gardeners on your behalf.

Greenery. Yes, it is Pantone’s color of the year–but, it is also a wonderful design tool. If you go this route (even partially), you can get especially creative with your designs. Ivy creeps, crawls, and hangs beautifully–as well as weaves. Garlands, and wreaths, made with Seeded or Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, Ferns, Curly Willow, Bear Grass and Dusty Millers are stunning ways to adorn the tables, create a backdrop, decorate chairs and/or design an arch. Simple can be so elegant.

Creative bouquet shapes are completely on trend right now. It used to be that all the flower arrangements in a wedding ended up looking tight, and round. Now, cascading bouquets, ‘wild’ looking arrangements, and loosely put together bouquets that emphasize space, over tightness, are incredibly popular. This also holds true for flowing ribbons that can blow freely in the breeze, instead of the tightly wound ones that have primarily been used in the past to keep your flowers together.

Succulents. Yup. They’re everywhere, and even being brought into wedding bouquets, and centerpieces now. The cool thing about this route is that if they’re cared for during the wedding, they will typically keep growing long after the big day is over. Succulents are hearty and don’t need water to thrive–so, as long as they aren’t completely smashed, or anything, the odds of keeping them growing are pretty good.

Minnesota Wedding Flowers

Vegetables. Seriously. Cabbage, and Kale can look stunning in arrangements–especially when surrounded by the right flowers. They’re big, hearty, full of texture and color, and fill up some serious vase space. (Which is even cooler when your budget is tight.) A centerpiece featuring veggies, and flowers, adds a nice touch of uniqueness to your table space and can be a pretty cool conversation started with your guests.

-For a fall wedding, especially in MN–think outside. Literally. Incorporating leaves, sticks, long grass, and pine cones in your arrangement can be gorgeously rustic and add a fabulous, earthy, touch. We can even design our flowers around the outside things you forage for. (Or, even, shot gun shells… 🙂 )

Basically, this fall, the emphasis seems to be on natural–not perfection. Which, when you look at marriage, and life in general, we have to say that pretty nicely reflects things. Letting life flow, come together organically, and feel natural beats a tightly wound, uptight focus on perfection any day in our world. If you’re still looking to book a fall wedding with us, please contact us ASAP. Call us at 763.421.7411 or email Dawn@MainFloral.net





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