Hiring, MN, Minnesota, Twin Cities, Anoka, NW Metro, Help Wanted, Jobs, Open, Now Hiring, Floral, Shop, Design, Small Business, Flowers, Spring

We’re Hiring! { Creative Job Opening in Twin Cities }

Hiring, MN, Minnesota, Twin Cities, Anoka, NW Metro, Help Wanted, Jobs, Open, Now Hiring, Floral, Shop, Design, Small Business, Flowers, Spring
Here are the basics…
Please call, or email us, with any questions.
Stop in with, or email Dawn your resume.
We have two positions open.
Read below to see if one sounds perfect for you!
Sales Position:
-30-40 hours per week, daytime hours. (We close at 6 during the week, 4 on Saturday.)
-Great listening skills, focused, enjoys working with others and customers.
-Able to work through peak times and holidays. Some Saturday’s will be required.
-Good with customers, quick learner, perceptive.
-You will be on your feet all day and do minor lifting and moving of flowers buckets, trash, larger plants.
-Able to prioritize work with good time management skills.
-Plant and fresh flower rotation.
-Customer service and sales floor maintenance.
-Support design staff, clean and process flowers.
-Keep stocked on supplies.
-Help customers to find the right flowers, colors and arrangement, or plant for their need.
-Eventually help with wedding consultation and planning.
Floral Shop and/or Customer Service experience preferred, but NOT required. If you’re ready to learn, and we think you’re the right fit for this position, you’re the PERFECT candidate for this job.
We expect to train for our shops quality of service, product and policy.
Floral Assistant:
-15-20 hours per week. These hours could even be after school.
-You will help out around the shop by, cleaning floors, coolers, washing buckets and vases, floral prep work, stocking and product rotation.
Must be willing to work hard and efficiently. You will be learning all aspects of the floral business and will have the ability to move on to floral design and sales, if desired.
Looking for great listening skills, friendly, and awesome customer service.
We are looking to fill both of these positions ASAP, so hurry and apply!
OH! P.S. Here’s a little bit about us, in case you’re curious:

-We’ve been in business here, in Anoka, for a little over 25 years now.

-We’re owned by a brother/sister duo and have a small, dedicated, and super talented staff. (It’s actually more like a family around this place.)

-The building we work out of is over 100 years old. It used to be the bank. The safe is still here (it’s used to store our balloons and helium tank), and our basement is really creepy. (But, cool.)

-We are closed on Sunday’s, and major holidays. (Plus, we close early, most days, before the major holiday–we don’t want to be here either on those days) and, we’re only open regular, business, hours. You won’t be here past 6pm, 99% of the time. (Sometimes customers come in late; so, we stay. Also, around Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day–we stay. It’s just SO busy.)

-We really love what we do; but, we also love your suggestions, and we welcome them. We value creativity around here highly. Working with us isn’t like you’re working FOR someone–it’s more like you’re working WITH someone.

-We are right on Main Street. We think it’s really awesome to share a building with a brewery, a candy shop, and a pet grooming school (Yes, beer, candy, and puppies are just down the hall.) Across the street there are clothing stores, a new age shop, antique stores, salons and a tattoo parlor, a music store and even a jeweler. Down the street, you have everything from an ice cream shop, to little diners, to a shoe store, an acupuncture place, smoke shops, bars, pizza places…and SO much more. Main Street, and the surrounding streets, are really eclectic, and fun.

Anyway…that’s just a little about us. If you’re looking to find a job that feels good to you–or, if you’re looking to switch gears completely, send us over your resume–we’d love to meet you. If you feel like you’d fit in great here–even if you feel like you’re lacking the experience–we still want to meet you.  If we feel like you’d be a good fit for the shop–we’ll gladly train you!


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