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Last Minute Gifts { Minneapolis Area Brick and Mortar Florist }

Hello! Yes. We’re still shopping for Christmas gifts. (Nothing new here. Life’s just busy–what can we say!? 🙂 ) Since we are later shoppers, we hate to use annoying terms like ‘crunch time’, or ‘last-minute’, or ‘OMG, CHRISTMAS IS JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY!’…but, well, even us late shoppers, have to admit that all of those terms are pretty fitting right now. It’s nice there is this great little weekend right before Christmas though. American Bistro will be open this Saturday (usually she’s closed on the weekend), and Sweet River Candy still has a pretty good selection of awesome Christmas treats. Obviously, we have loads of flowers–but, around the shop, we also have some other, amazing, finds! We highlighted a bunch of them on a previous blog (click here to read it)–and, today, we’re bringing you some more of our favorites.

We will be here from 8-6 on Friday, 9-5 on Saturday, closed on Sunday, and we’ll be here from 8-1 on Christmas Eve. If you’d like to keep it super simple–you can always just schedule flowers to be delivered on Christmas Eve. You can stop in to do that, call us, or simply head to our website!

Anyway, as promised, here are a bunch more of our favorite things from around the shop right now…

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