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We Love Your Happiness! { Maple Grove Area Florist }

Hello! Welcome to the Blog at Main Floral–the flowery-est little blog in Anoka! We did it–we survived Valentine’s Day. (Albeit, just barely. 😉 ) Now, we get a little chance to clean the shop, make a few changes around our design area, prep for the onslaught of Prom corsage orders, and then get ready for Mother’s Day. (Not to mention Administrative Professional’s Day, a few weddings, lots of Spring anniversaries, and then grad parties. Summer sure does seem far away right now though–doesn’t it!?)

Today on the blog, we’re poppin’ in just to remind you of something. Now, this is gonna sound crazy–especially in this super-fast, computer-run, world that we live in–BUT, guess what? We’re human. Yup! It’s insane to think about–especially when you can just type in, quickly order some flowers and then they just show up at your recipient’s home, or office. You don’t have to talk to anyone, and no one even needs to talk to you; but, us humans, well, we’re here. If you call us to place your order, you still just talk to one person, and then your order simply shows up. However, there’s a lot more that happens behind the scenes. One of us sits on the other side of that computer and manually processes your order and, often times, needs to physically type out your message. After that, we search out the photo of the arrangement you ordered–just to make sure we have it right, and don’t forget any of the flowers. Next, we get to arranging. While arranging, we also answer the phone, deal with deliveries, and help customers who have stopped in. Sometimes, in the middle of designing one arrangement, someone will stop in and need something else made up right away–so, we have to pause yours, and start theirs. Once your arrangement is done, we box it up, and bag it if it’s cold out. Then, it is handed off to our driver who puts your address into Google, and gets to driving your flowers to your recipient. You can see that there are a lot of hands that work on one arrangement–and, this isn’t even to mention the process before the flowers make it to us. (They start from seed, and then are pruned, harvested, wrapped, shipped, and delivered. Many times your flowers aren’t even grown in the country–yet, they still make it up here while fresh. There are a LOT of hands involved in that process!)

Anyway, what are we getting at with all of this? We’re just trying to remind you that we are human; and, as humans, sometimes errors happen. We have written things wrong on a card from time-to-time. We have forgotten things here-and-there. We have gotten lost on a delivery and have been stuck in traffic while trying to get flowers delivered by a certain time. We have used flowers that have been damaged along their trek to us–yet it wasn’t apparent until they died a day after being delivered to a recipient. We have mixed up a date, or two; and, we have had technical difficulties with our technology.

The one thing that is 100% consistent with us, is that we want you to be happy, and, we want your recipient to be happy. If we misprint, we will fix it. If you aren’t satisfied with your flowers, we will work with you to figure out something better. If a flower dies prematurely, we’ll replace it. If you have questions, we will answer, and if you have specific requests, we will work our tails off to try to accommodate you. All we need from you is communication–give us a call, send us an email, or stop in; we love happy customers as much as we love the flowers themselves. 🙂


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