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ZZ Plant Care { Twin Cities Flower and Houseplant Delivery }

Hey, friends! We hope July treated you well as we slide headfirst into August. The back-to-school stuff has hit the shelves already, the buzz has started about the State Fair, and we’re filling up with Fall weddings (as we continue chugging along with our summer ones)! If you’re still planning your Fall wedding, and have yet to find a florist–we do still have a few spots open on our calendar. Just give us a call–if we have an opening, we’ll get you in for a consultation, and take it from there. If you’d like to see a bit of the wedding work we’ve been up to lately, check out this blog, and this one featuring our favorite wedding flowers from last Fall!

For the next few weeks, while we’re a little slower around the shop, we’re going to take some time on the ‘ol blog to talk about some houseplant care. We’ll feature a best seller, each week. Obviously, we’re known for our flowers first, but we have a wonderful plant selection as well. (Click here to see what we have online.) We answer a lot of questions around here about the best ways to take care of certain plants–so, we figured writing it out might be useful for a few folks, too.

Today, we thought we’d kick it all off with the good old, Zamioculas Zamiifolia, the Zanzibar Gem, or–quite simply put, the ZZ Plant. (Also, ZZ Plant is a lot easier to pronounce…)

The ZZ Plant is one of our favorites to recommend to folks who come in looking for something ‘easy’, that they ‘can’t mess up’. We also get a lot of requests for an ‘easy’ plant to gift. The ZZ Plant is a great one for just about anyone, just about anywhere. (Except folks with a pet/small child who may like to eat plants. The ZZ Plant is said to be slightly toxic to them. You can usually solve this by hanging your plant, if you run into a problem.)

Like we mentioned above, the ZZ plant is an easy plant, that’s tough to kill. It can handle low light, it doesn’t need a lot of water, it handles neglect well, and doesn’t need special soil. The ZZ is always one of our suggestions if someone is looking for a good bathroom plant, or one that may be for a darker area of your home/office.

Quick Care Basics:

The ZZ plant will usually do best in indirect light–it can, easily, live in low light places as well. It does the worst in direct sunlight–so, keep it away from that. Surprisingly, the ZZ will even do well in fluorescent lighting–making it a fabulous choice for the office (or classroom).

As far as water goes–the ZZ doesn’t need much. As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to under water, than over water. Once the top of the soil dries out, go ahead and water again–typically, that’s about every 7-14 days. You’ll know you’re over watering if the leaves start to turn yellow. If you have to leave this plant for awhile, don’t worry too much about it. It can handle a pretty good deal of neglect.

Now we did say it doesn’t need a special soil–but, it does need something that drains well. So, regular dirt with a little perlite, some stones, or sand added in will do the trick. If you feel like your plant needs a re-pot (if you think it’s getting too big for its pot), try transplanting in the early in the Spring. Plants typically have their growing season in the Summer–so, giving it a fresh, new, home before the growth is a great idea. The ZZ Plant isn’t a super fast grower–but, over time, you should notice its size increasing.

And, that’s about it! These are such a good plant for a beginner, someone who ‘kills every plant they own’, someone who may be a bit forgetful, or someone who isn’t home a lot. As always, let us know if you have questions! (P.S. If you’d like to send one of these off to someone you love–you can even order online. Just click here!)

zz plant, care, how to, houseplant, faq, main floral, florist, anoka, brooklyn park, champlin, blaine, maple grove, coon rapids, shop local, family owned, plants, delivery, flowers

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