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All About CBD Oil { Where to Buy, Anoka Twin Cities Area }

Hello! We hope your holiday shopping is chugging right along–and, if you’re really on top of it, maybe even done. 🙂 We’ve been having some fun on our Facebook page this week, sharing some of our favorite things that you can order right from our website. Everyday, we’re sharing a link, or two, for either a great arrangement, a fantastic gift basket or baked goods from the American Bistro. We think it’s so great that you can shop locally, AND online–all at once. 🙂

Today though, we’re just swinging by the blog to show off some of the CBD products that we have in the shop right now. We know that there are a lot of folks who are curious about it–but, may not want to buy it for themselves. CBD is a great gift to give this Holiday season. We shared a blog a few months ago about CBD, but we thought we’d share it again today–in case you missed that one.

We’re sure that you’ve heard a lot about CBD oil these days–it’s pretty much being talked about everywhere, and touted as this ‘new’ miracle cure-all (except it’s been used for thousands of years, around the world–just not in our, modern American, culture–until recently). Now, we’re certain that you understand that we are not doctors here, at Main Floral–we’re Florists. However, Dawn (one of our owners), has a great deal of experience working with CBD oil, as does her daughter (who is successfully using it to help battle Lyme Disease–in accordance with her doctors). Another employee uses it treat her insomnia and, for the first time ever, has found something that works. (Bonus: it allows her to wake up with 100% clarity in the morning.) Dawn has become such a believer in CBD, and is in such awe of the wonders it can work, she has decided to start selling it here. We have a couple of different strengths and flavors, as well as some without any trace of THC. We also have CBD oil for pets, as well as dog treats, baked with CBD. (Dawn uses CBD for her two, senior, pups. They struggled with anxiety, and shaking, before the CBD. Now, they are much more comfortable, and friendly, again. 🙂 ) We also have CBD infused coffee and coffee creamer.

If you don’t know what CBD oil actually is, or how it could help you–here’s the cliff notes version:

  • CBD oil is not marijuana. It is an extract from the Cannabis plant. (Yes, the marijuana plant.) CBD is, essentially, the herbal extract. Much like you would use peppermint extract–and not the whole leaf; or, vanilla extract–without the whole plant. CBD oil is like that. You’re using the extract–not the whole leaf/plant. The THC is left behind–so, you do not feel the ‘high’ you would, if you were to, say, smoke another part of the plant.
  • CBD can be used to treat everyday pain, as well as chronic pain. Recent studies have shown that CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters. (Your doctor, and you, should be working together to pinpoint the cause of the pain. CBD is strictly to help relieve symptoms of the underlying cause.)
  • CBD can help alleviate anxiety, and depression, with its ability to act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. (Should you drop all your doctor prescribed meds today, and pick up some CBD oil tomorrow? Nope. Depression can be life-threatening–especially when not taken serious. CBD is another thing to try, in accordance with your doctor–who is monitoring you closely.)
  • It can be taken with cancer treatment to help alleviate the pain, and nausea, that typically goes along with those type of treatments. In animals, it has also been shown to decrease tumor sizes, and inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.
  • CBD can improve heart health by working to lower blood pressure.
  • It can be used to help treat insomnia without morning brain fog. CBD can be taken anytime throughout the night (even at 5am), to assist with getting you, calmly, back to sleep. Often times, insomnia, and anxiety, go hand-in-hand–CBD can help you with both.
  • CBD has been used to help treat ADHD in both adults, and children. It can assist with focus and, once again, the anxiety that tends to come with it all.
  • It can be baked into cookies, and other treats (within specific, temperature, parameters). This makes giving a dose to children, and pets, much tastier.
  • There are many, many, more uses for CBD oil. Do an in-depth, Google search to find them all. Or, check out a few books about it on Amazon–we have recommendations if you need them. 🙂 )

As we mentioned, several times, above–we are not doctors. You are not our patients. We can not diagnose you, nor can we tell you how to best take care of yourself. We do not know what’s best for you personally–and we are not certified experts. (With flowers, we sure as heck are though. 🙂 ) CBD is a product that we believe in, and stand behind in that faith. It is something that we have both seen, and feel, work. We work with plants everyday, and we believe in the power of them–this is just another way we are choosing to work with plants and bring them to you. (AND, it’s for all off those reasons that we have chosen to sell it out of our shop.) Also, may we just add: CBD has long been unable to be studied–as it has been a part of a classified drug for many years. Now, with more, and more, states legalizing cannabis use for both medical, and recreational, use–the restrictions on scientific studies are loosening, and the studies are finally happen. You will see more, and more, about CBD oil in the upcoming years. We don’t need to see all of the results of those studies, as we know how we feel, and how we react–but, if you need to see them, keep your eyes peeled; they’ll be there. 🙂

Please give us a call if you’d like to ask questions directly. Dawn is so happy to answer the best that she can. She can help you choose the oil strength that is the best for you, as well as talk pricing, potential side effects (spoiler alert: there are almost none), tell you what is working for her, recommend a good book, and just be there to chat with about it all. (Like we mentioned–she really loves this stuff. ❤ )

If you know you’d like to buy some, but can’t get into the shop–check out Dawn’s Hempworx site to order online: www.hempworx.com/flowerpower2019 

You can also call us directly, we can even deliver! 763.421.7411

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