Twin Cities Local Florist

Valentine’s Flowers { Twin Cities Local Florist Near Coon Rapids }

So…uhm…it’s Tuesday. What are you doing to make her Valentine’s Day special? Are you going to have us deliver flowers to her work, on Friday, for the ‘wow’ factor?  If not, you could stop in on Saturday and pick out a gift of flowers and/or jewelry, and then surprise her in person. Or, you can order by calling us, or online, and we’ll deliver them right to her, at home on Sunday, itself. (Normally we’re closed Sunday…but, what kind of a local flower shop is closed on Valentine’s DAY!? Obviously, we’ll be open bright, and early, and we’ll stay that way until after the sun goes down. 🙂 )

In case you don’t follow us on Facebook, or Instagram, or visit our website often, you’re probably missing all of the new, Valentine’s Exclusive, arrangements, we’re posting each day. So, we decided to post them all here, too. Our fabulous designers have been busy as all heck this past month, designing some of our best ever arrangements! We have over-top-romantic, all the way down to first date casual. We have ones for your wife of 50 years, or for the cute girl you’ve been crushin’ on at the office. We have something for all budgets with prices ranging from 35, to 155 dollars. As you’re clicking through the photos, the names of the arrangements are listed below, and to the left on each photo, so you can, easily, find it on the Valentine’s page, on our website. Also, if you don’t see something here that’s perfect, go browse our website a bit. Flowers are flowers…you can order anything on there and we are certain she’ll be completely happy. 🙂

Call us, directly, with any questions you have–the earlier the better. We are FULLY staffed this time of year (and then some–husbands, and kids, usually make an appearance to help, too), but, we are busy, we’re working long days, and we are only able to do so much as humans. (Thankfully though, robots are not able to take over our job. Yet. :))


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