How to Keep Flowers Fresh

How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh { Florist Near Coon Rapids }

Hello! It’s oddly (nicely) quiet around the shop this week. There has been so much hustle, and bustle, lately that we didn’t think we’d get to breath, or see our family, pretty much ever again. Did you get flowers for Valentine’s Day? If you got them from us–we’re guessing they’re still looking bright, beautiful, and fresh. However, they won’t for forever; so, today, we thought we should touch on something most people don’t think about until it’s too late–you know, until after the flowers are starting to die.  We thought it would be a great idea to post our best tips on how to take care of your flowers, so you can keep them as long as possible.  We always send our flowers to you with a food packet; we think most of you are familiar with putting that in the water–however, there are other steps you can take too. This blog is all about the ‘other’ tips. 🙂 (Random tidbit: did you know the food packet helps prevent bacteria in the water, as well as feeding the flowers? Yup. It does.)

Here are a few things you can do to keep those flowers looking as great as possible, for as long as possible…

  • Flowers last longer if they aren’t kept in direct sunlight.  They tend to dry out quicker when they’re in the sun–causing them to brown. 
  • On the same note as the direct sunlight, flowers dry out quicker when they’re too warm, in general.  So don’t keep them on, or too close to the stove, a heater vent, the oven, or electronics.  (Electronics warm up as they run, consequently, warming up your flowers and drying them out.)
  • We’re betting you know that you should check the water, daily, to make sure it’s full enough–but, you should also check to see if the water is looking cloudy.  If it is, dump it out and refresh it with room temperature water.  (Don’t forget to add more ‘food’!)
  • Re-cutting the stems of the flowers will also help your flowers stay beautiful longer.  Just ¾ inches at a time is all you need to trim.  (A great time to do this is when you’re refreshing the water.)
  • Did you know that if you’re out of the food ‘packet’, adding a teaspoon of sugar to fresh water, or a penny, can help keep them fresher for a bit longer? (Yes, flower food works the best–but we know that finding the time to stop in for more sometimes just doesn’t happen.)
  • Some flowers simply last longer than others.  For example, a carnation can last up to two weeks when properly cared for, a rose will only last about half that time.  To keep an arrangement fresh looking as flowers wilt or brown, you can pull them out and rearrange your arrangement.  No need to throw the whole thing away if just a few flowers are past their prime. After you remove some of the older flowers, rearranging the fresh stems in a smaller vase will help keep the arrangement looking its fullest.

We hope this helps a little.  If you’re looking for more, in-depth, care tips for specific flower types, please check out this link:, or call us; we love to help.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh

How to Keep Flowers Fresh
How to Keep Flowers Fresh

How to Keep Flowers Fresh

How to Keep Flowers Fresh

How to Keep Flowers Fresh



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